ISBN: 978-1-61243-099-7; $12.95; October 2012
Never Have I Ever: 1,000 Secrets for the World’s Most Revealing Game
by Kourtney Jason and Worm Miller
The ultimate guide to the wildly popular party game.
Exposed Secrets . . . DRINK!
Confessed Sex-capades . . . DRINK!
Shared Life Experiences . . .DRINK!
Relived Embarrasments . . .DRINK!
Oh Yes You Did . . .DRINK! 
Packed with 1000 confessions, this book guarantees that your next game of Never Have I Ever will be the most fun, exciting and revealing time you’ve ever had with your friends.

Press Coverage of Never Have I Ever

“Authors Kourtney Jason and Worm Miller have compiled 1,000 ‘secrets to spill’ in ‘Never Have I Ever: The World’s Most Revealing Game.’ … Some of them are tame — like ‘built a tree fort,’ ‘visited the National Mall’ or ‘touched a sea turtle.’ However, most of them are a bit raunchy and personal.” — “‘Never Have I Ever’ Book Has Some Pretty Strange Ideas,” Huffington Post College, September 2012