ISBN: 978-1-56975-936-3; $14.95; August 2011
The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares To Do Before You Die
by Kourtney Jason
Make your life an erotic adventure
This ultimate list of sexy suggestions dares you to break from your normal routine and experience the thrill of something, someplace or even someone new. Open to any page and you’ll find imaginative ideas for embracing pleasure, getting more intimate with your partner, and enjoying some naughty fun. From mild to wild, there are hundreds of thrilling sexual escapades to cross off your dirty to-do list, including:
  • Hook up with a childhood crush
  • Play a game of strip poker as foreplay
  • Get it on standing in front of a mirror
  • Score in a football field end zone
  • Meet for a lunch-hour quickie
  • Do it on a hot day in the cool rain
  • and many more…

Press Coverage and Reviews of The Naughty Bucket List

“When on a first date, Kourtney Jason typically avoids telling her dinner partner she authored a book about sex—or more specifically, The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Dares to Do Before You Die.” — “Her list is naughty…but she’s not,” Chico News & Review, February 2012

“It was not only the experience writing for The Orion’s sex column that led her to becoming a first-time author. Jason’s ambitious attitude and social demeanor also brought her to her first post-grad job.” — “Former Orion Columnist Bans Sex Ruts with First Book,” Journalism Times, October 2011

“Are you ready for the most erotic and sensual adventure of your life? With The Naughty Bucket List as your trusty guide, you’ll be ready for the ultimate carnal challenge — conquering this list of 369 sexual suggestions to break you from your normal routine.” — “Interview: Kourtney Jason (Author of The Naughty Bucket List),” Bibrary Book Lust, September 2011

“Success came early for alumna Kourtney Jason, who received a call from Seventeen magazine offering her an internship on her last day of college in 2007. The former Orion sex columnist has worked for different publications and has written her own book, The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares To Do Before You Die.” — “Former Orion sex columnist publishes book,” The Orion, September 2011

“The most titillating thing about The Naughty Bucket List is how approachable it is for readers of any age, gender and sexual orientation. Jason has done a fantastic job of making this book accessible by keeping the 369 dares short and sweet for easy access.” — “Fulfilling Fantasies One Sexy Dare at a Time,” Synthesis, August 2011

“The Bucket List was my favorite part of this experience. It really opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities and proved that playing silly games shouldn’t just be reserved for when your relationship grows stale. It was also enlightening to look back through my sexual history.” — “By the Book,” BUST magazine, February 2012

“Does your sex life need an overhaul?  A little more passion? The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares to do Before You Die can help bring back the spark that’s lacking in the bedroom! Dirty word Scrabble, lunch-hour quickies, rainfall rendezvous… Church Confessional? Sounds intriguing.” — “Bring the Passion Back: The Naughty Bucket List,” amotherworld, October 2011

“Her sexy book is a fairly loose collection of 369 (naturally) bits of naughty advice. And while it doesn’t go as weird as it could in the Internet age (which is probably a good thing), it does offer some eyebrow-raising suggestions (having sex with a fireman, with a your ex’s friend, in a mall photo booth).” — Arts Devo, Chico News & Review, September 2011 Smitten Blog Series

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